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Atlantis Adventures Barbados is one of the island’s most popular attractions, with over a million visitors touring the submarine since 1986.

Discover the natural phenomenon of Barbados’ undersea world.  See the mystery and charm of this fascinating world unfold to reveal a kaleidoscope of exotic fish and marine life.

Your two hour plus journey begins with a boat ride out to the Atlantis dive site and you make the easy transfer from the Ocean Quest to the submarine, Atlantis III.  You are seated in a real submarine, with big view ports all around, fully submerged in the Caribbean sea.  This undersea voyage can take you to a shipwreck and to depths of 150 feet, in air conditioned comfort.  A knowledgeable co-pilot narrates the 40 minute underwater adventure and will help you to identify and explain the amazing sights. On surfacing, the Ocean Quest awaits your return to ferry you back to the Shallow Draft.