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Body Restoration, located in the Bermar Plaza on Sunset Boulevard, opposite the Massy Supermarket in Holetown, offers a great range of natural health products, organic whole food supplements, organic bay food & products, protein bars, raw snacks, gluten free snacks and baking supplies, healthy treats, superfoods, delicious hormone free whey protein powders, raw and vegan protein powders, nut butters, healthy cooking oils, quinoa, kasha, black rice, brown rice noodles, sea vegetables like nori, arame and kombu, wakame and dulse, organic herbs/seasonings, high quality herbal teas, high potency green tea drops, brown rice chips/crackers, dried fruit snacks, fresh raw flax & omega oils, sugar free stevia sweetened beverages, chia seeds, seed snacks, natural sweeteners. Also available are paraben free body washes & scrubs, haircare, natural deodorant, toothpaste, floss.