Dining Out in Barbados


Barbados is home to many of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean. Dining in Barbados can be a casual beach barbecue and local fish fry to a tropical fine dining experience in a magical setting. We will use our extensive network of contacts of restaurant owners and chefs to ensure your Barbados dining pleasure is met. We are food lovers ourselves at BarbadosBarbados.com and are happy to share our insider’s culinary knowledge in order to recommend where and when to eat or to provide reviews running the gamut, from basic local spots to world class cuisine.

Pudding and souse BarbadosWhether you seek a sand-on-your-feet sunset cocktail setting or a stylish and sophisticated ambiance, Barbados combines the best of both worlds at your finger tips—the choice is yours.

Saturday in Barbados on the local level is all about “Puddin’ n Souse”, a modern day mixture of lean pork pickled in cucumber, onion, spices, hot bonny peppers, and lime juice and most often served with sweet potato or breadfruit; the old timers still use parts of the feet and head! The “pudding” is either dark from using some of the blood or browning liquid, or can be white for the unadventurous. Delicious. Also a popular Saturday (or SA-her-duh in local parlance) serving is “seacat,” a local baby octopus related to the squid family that is best ceviche style but can also be enjoyed fried. This Bajan tradition is served PON A SAHERDUH island wide at rum shops, hole-in-the-walls, or from everyone’s got a favourite “puddin n souse lady.”

Dining at Cin Cin by the Sea, BarbadosFor those seeking a more sybaritic experience, Barbados offers arguably the best array of fine dining restaurants in the Caribbean. If parmesan encrusted barracuda served over a roasted garlic and diced christophene quinoa paired with a Sancerre Rose awakens the senses, or if a perfectly cooked prime cut of beef beckons to compliment your 1982 Pichon Lalande evokes a YES PLEASE, then Barbados has the high caliber chefs and restaurants to slake your culinary desires.

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