Barbados Travel Protocols – May 8th


Barbados managed to keep the island safe from community spread of the COVID-19 virus for much of 2020 through its strict travel protocols. But then the island experienced its first measurable COVID-19 spread at the start of the Christmas holidays. As a result, restrictions on both local and international movement in and out of Barbados were quickly implemented on New Year’s Eve. While the worst of the lockdowns and restrictions have since been lifted, there are still procedures that must be followed to enter and remain on the island.

Barbados recently released updated Travel Protocols which take effect on Saturday May 8th 2020. New entry protocols are also in place for vaccinated visitors. The officially released protocols are available on the local Visit Barbados website, and you can view the latest edit here.

Highlights to note are:-

For both the fully vaccinated and unvaccinated traveller you must still take a COVID-19 PCR test 3 days prior to arrival. A valid COVID-19 PCR test must be taken by:-

~ Nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal sample (or both). Saliva or nasal swabs will not be accepted.
~ A health-care provider. Self-samples or home tests will be considered invalid.

Fully vaccinated travellers will then take a second COVID-19 PCR or rapid test on arrival at the airport or at their approved accommodation. They are required to use specially designated transportation providers for their transport from the airport to their approved accommodation. While awaiting their test results they will be restricted to their accommodation where they are free to move around according to the guidelines of that property. Upon receipt of a negative result (either the same day or 1-2 days later, dependent on the return of the test results) they will be free to to enjoy all that Barbados has to offer.

Unvaccinated travellers are also required to use specially designated transportation providers for their transport from the airport to their approved accommodation. They are encouraged to book a minimum of 7 nights at their approved quarantine accommodation while they complete their 5 day quarantine and await the results of their second on-island PCR test. Results may take 1-2 days to be returned. This means you will be in quarantine for approximately 6 to 7 days after arrival and upon receipt of a negative result they will be free to enjoy Barbados fully.

Travellers will be considered fully vaccinated if they have completed the full regimen of vaccines more than 2 weeks prior to travel to Barbados.

Travellers under 5 years of age will not be required to have a COVID-19 PCR test unless they are symptomatic or any member of their travel party has a positive test result.

Children under 18 years travelling with fully vaccinated parents or guardians will be allowed to adhere to the same guidelines as their fully vaccinated parents or guardians.

You can read the full details of the protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers in this Quick Reference Guide.

The vaccination roll out in Barbados began in March and to date almost 30% of the population has received their first dose. The second doses will be ready from the week commencing April 19th 2021.

The situation does remain fluid and we will continue to keep you informed

BarbadosBarbados offers a wide range of quarantine approved accommodation in private villas which, for many travellers, is considered a safer option.

The sun is calling you to your happy place and we look forward to welcoming you!


These protocols are accurate at the time of posting but may be subject to change at any given time. We will update this page as and when it is deemed necessary. You can also refer to the Visit Barbados website for further updates.