Airport Kiosks at Barbados Immigration

airport-kiosks-barbados-immigrationOur Minister of Home Affairs, Edmund Hinkson, has just announced that effective September 1st there will be full transition to the use of 48 immigration kiosks at the Grantley Adams International airport, making the tedious and sometimes confusing two part paper forms a thing of the past.

Over the last year a kiosk system has been in place in the Arrivals Hall at our airport, starting off with 16, increasing to 32 kiosks. It was a test project that performed well.

These kiosks are very similar to the ones used in the USA. We ourselves have used the local Barbados Immigration kiosks successfully during this test period.

The speed of the process will vary based on the size of your travelling party as well as an individual’s technical proficiencies, but this digital system will significantly cut down on the length of time it takes for passengers to get through our airport.

For those of you who desire a more personalised experience navigating the Immigration and Customs process we offer a Fast Track service. The Fast Track experience involves a dedicated representative who will meet you at the entrance to the Arrivals Hall, identified by a sign with your name on it, and you will be personally escorted through Immigration, followed by assistance with your luggage retrieval and escorted through Customs to whatever transportation has been previously arranged.

There is no guarantee that the new, modern kiosk only system will run flawlessly but it is hoped that the long lines at Immigration during peak hours will be greatly reduced giving our visitors a vastly improved first impression experience of Barbados.

All BarbadosBarbados clients receive a comprehensive Reservation Details document specifically prepared for each arriving guest.

Note that there is no longer a departure Immigration process. You are only required to show identification and a boarding pass to the security officer prior to entering the security screening area.