Private Barbados Vacation Rental

Yes you can afford a private Barbados vacation rental!

A private Barbados vacation rental is surprisingly affordable.

The most expensive component of a Barbados vacation experience is the relatively high cost of dining out — that is by definition not a choice when you are booking a hotel room. Yes, an all inclusive property’s cost may seem predictable when budgeting expenses, but an all inclusive rate is charged PER PERSON and in our view not really the bargain that the phrase “all-inclusive” implies. In a hotel that is not all inclusive each and every drink, snack, or service carries the actual charge, 17.5% VAT, and a 10% service charge.

belair-vacation-rental-barbadosToday’s traveller has changed. Whether it’s couples and friends, or families, their needs are different in terms of the types of amenities and the types of services they want. Many want to do some of their own cooking or plan some of their own travel experiences and excursions. They’re more seeking a “how to live like a local” experience. In a private Barbados vacation rental you can dine when you like, sleep as late as desired, relax on YOUR pool deck, veranda, or balcony without hearing Last Call, and in a fully staffed villa, go the entire length of your stay without ever doing laundry. For those majority of villas that employ a chef or local cook, the entire family can enjoy fine dining without the high price, in the comfort of your own space, and there is no washing up to do!

Sound appealing? We agree but it can be overwhelming navigating through the swarm of villa sites offering their Google Pay-Per-Click ad placements for Barbados services from lands far away. These off island sites—some real, some not, most in between—frequently offer different rates than the majority of sanctioned local Barbados sites and the unmentioned fine print “booking fees” or credit card transaction fees are only disclosed at the end. Compounding the search process is the publishing of inaccurate availability charts which can quickly deflate the excitement of planning a Barbados holiday.


Who can you trust?  Who would you prefer to deal with—a large “villa rental factory” who isn’t even based on the island? Or someone who lives in Barbados and who knows everything there is to know about the island? You should always establish a rapport with the agent you are dealing with. How well do they know the area or the property? Look for traveler reviews to help determine if the company or property is who or what they say they are. Pick the phone up and call the agent. In the past few years we have seen a marked increase in the number of our clients who are more comfortable speaking with us about their Barbados vacation needs. One way to protect your money is to rent from an organisation that accepts credit cards rather than a wire transfer because cards allow you to take action against fraud.

How do you know What You See is What You Get?  There are Barbados vacation rental properties to suit all budgets. Generally speaking, “you pay for what you get” stands true. There are bargains to be found but it is also smart to proceed with caution. If it sounds too good to be true, it might just be. That is why it is so important to find a local agent who you feel comfortable working with and who can tell you exactly what the property is all about, who your neighbours are and what is near by.


Why rent a villa or apartment if there are only 2 of you?  Many properties offer a lesser bedroom rate which is perfect for couples. Essentially you have access to a beautiful home but only use of one bedroom. No, nobody else will be sharing the villa with you (unless you’re looking for one of those cheap AirBnB shared rental properties!)

When Should You Travel to Barbados?  Vacation rental homes in Barbados are most expensive during the High Season (December 14th through to April 15th). Rates increase further during the peak Christmas and New Year period, when the island is typically sold out in advance. There is also a 10-12-14 night minimum stay during this time. Our Low Season (April 15th to December 14th) is when rates are lowest and this is the best time to snag a discounted offer.

What sets apart from the rest?  We live and are based in Barbados. We have been in business for 12 years and have an established reputation among the owners, property management companies and clients. We inspect all of our properties and know all the nuances of each. All too often we have had clients come back to us with their tails between their legs as the property they opted to go with via an owner’s direct website was not what they expected when they arrived. is one of the largest independent vacation rental websites in Barbados. We deal with each and every one of our clients’ requests personally and always respond quickly upon receiving a request. Your vacation experience is of the utmost importance to us. Email today and start planning your next Barbados holiday.